The Best Clippers for Cutting Hair – The Must Haves!

I have been a licensed Cosmetologist since 2007 and within those early years of my Cosmetology experience I have had experience cutting hair with the Oster brand of clippers. The clipper that I preferred was the detachable metal blades. In recent times fast forwarding to 2019, I have had experiences with Wahls, and Andis. In this blog, I will also include the brand of Babyliss clippers because I think its important to note the lever usage on the clippers. The lever on clippers is very important especially for someone new to haircuts that includes blending or fading. Or someone that has been in and out of the hair cutting profession like I have.

My objective is to discuss the 4 major brands that are a must know in the industry and by far the most popular ones. Also, this blog is to inform my fellow Cosmetologists the best clippers for cutting hair.

1. Wahl

            Wahl Magic Clip (cord) 


             Walh Senior



2. Andis

 Andis Masters

3. Babyliss

  Babyliss Pro


4. Osters

Osters Classic 76


You must also know there are sub-brands to these major brands. I will not cover every sub-brand there are is in the hair clipper market. This will be an overview of the clippers that I have experienced with. For those of you who are starting out in your hair cutting career, this may serve as brief introduction to the major brands of clippers.

The Wahl brand of clippers

Currently, I am using the Wahl Senior clippers and Wahl Magic Clip clippers. The Senior clippers are a bit heavier than the Magic Clip clipper most probably due to the outer casing of the clipper itself or the motor. The Magic Clips weigh 1.3 pounds and the Seniors weigh at 1.5 pounds. The Senior clippers have a place for your thumb to rest on while doing your clipper cut. The Senior clippers have a black and sliver look to it which I like. The Magic Clip clipper is lighter and has a bit longer teeth blade than the Senior clipper. But both clippers are great. The one thing I have noticed about the Senior clipper is that after using the clipper for 20 to 30 minutes, it can get warm to hot, so it benefits a Cosmetologist of Barber to have at least two clippers you can use for haircuts so you can alternate and let one cool down.

The Andis brand of clippers

What drew me to getting an Andis Master clipper was the sleep all silver look and the branded notches for the lever so you can determine to go zero or half and whatever else in between. I think for a licensed hair professional that will be focusing on hair cutting all day especially on men hair, a clipper with notches may be a great idea if fading and blending hair is the focus on your work. There are many other sub-brands of Andis that do have branded or labeled notches for the lever.

What I want you to know about the Andis Master clipper is that although it has a great look and branded notch levels for the lever, it is by far my heaviest clipper. Yes, its heavier than the Wahl Seniors which are 1.5 pounds and the Andis Master is 1.7 pounds.

I also owned the Andis SpeedMaster clipper, the first edition that came with a PivotPro trimmer. This pair is good if you are in beauty school, but I would upgrade to another professional sub-brand of Andis that will give you a sharper and clean cut for your blending/fades.

The Babyliss brand of clippers

I like the BaBylissPRO Barberology clippers. These clippers are great if you need a bigger handle for your clippers. They also have the indented notches on the lever. Every time you change the lever position, there are is a little notch that hooks her lever into position without getting out-of-place unlike other clippers. The style on these BaBylissPro Barbarology clippers are clean and sleek. I personally do not own a pair yet, but I have a co-worker who owns the rose gold cordless pair and says that she enjoys having the clipper.

The one thing that my co-worker said about these clippers is that when you spray the blade cleaner, over time, the color on the blades will discolor near the head of the blades.

But overall this clipper is great if you are transitioning from non-lever clipper to a lever clipper. And if you like a bigger grip on a clipper, the Babyliss is your go-to.

The Osters brand of clippers

I have the Oster Professional clipper which have detachable blades. I love this clipper because of the detachable blades because to me, the blades provides such a clean cut compared to using guards. But now that I have had some experience with other brands with a lever attached, the blend is better with a lever attached to a clipper.

I find it difficult to blend the zero fades to the number 1 guard with a detachable blade clipper. Also, Oster’s tend to be a more noisy clipper than the Walh’s or Andis. This clipper is great if you only basic men hair cuts that don’t go down to zero fades.

Although I am not currently using this clipper to cut hair at my place of work, I still love this clipper.


When I came back to the hair industry after three years, I never really knew how to use the lever on a clipper because I was used to the detachable blade clipper.  By using metal blades, I had to just change the metal blade every time during a fade. Having a lever on a clipper will truly make your fading abilities more controlled and concise. And if you do fades all day, having multiple clippers is essential so that you do not wear out any one clipper and to prevent from over heating.

Now, the title of this post is “The Best Clippers to Cut Hair,” the word ‘best’ is subjective. You have to find out what your preferences are by trying things out. I will say that these brands are the most popular in my opinion in regard to cutting hair professionally. There are other brands out there are and you are more than welcome to explore and share your experiences.

As I said earlier, brands like Wahl, Andis, Oster, and Babyliss are the ones that I am familiar with.  There are many other brands out there that you may find that are better or worse than these mentioned above.  You have to find out what your needs are in a clipper and start there.


There will be a video review about some of the clippers I wrote about to get a better idea of which clippers to choose from.

All Best,