The Best Professional Hair Trimmers

Hello my fellow haircutters,

This article will be about the best rated trimmers for professional use.

I know there are a lot of platforms to research the best professional trimmers like on Youtube and Amazon.

There are a lot of different brands and many trimmers out there.  These trimmer reviews will be based upon my own

research and my own experience using trimmers in the professional setting as well.

I want to remind everyone reading this that there are so many trimmers out there.  Some trimmers are more expensive than the ones that I will mention in this post.

Also, owning something that you have never had before is also trial and error.

You will love these specific trimmers and you may not.  It’s all about your own experience and how you use these trimmmer.

Overall, I find this trimmer to be the best when starting out in your career or a seasoned professional with putting cost in mind.

These trimmers are more affordable than some other fancy looking trimmers you may come across.

When it comes to cord or cordless trimmers, it is all about preference.

I also want to let you know that there is a difference between clippers and trimmers.

Before purchasing trimmers or clippers, think about how you are going to use them.

For those who cut their own hair at home may use the words “trimmer,” or “clipper” interchangeably.

In the professional world of haircutting, “trimmer” is used to trim and “line-up,” or “edge -up” after the overall haircut has been completed.

Trimmers are for detailing after the haircut.

For some professional haircutters, we do use the trimmers sometimes to de-bulk the hair for 0 fade, or bald fade.

But if you want your tools to last a long time, I would invest in a balding clipper that already has a 0-gap blade to take out bulk for your fades.

And keep trimmers for their sole purpose which is to do the detailing and line-ups.

As a reminder:

For my Do-It-Yourself (DIY) people who cut their own hair at home, please use blade wash and oil up your trimmers and clippers after every use if possible.

Please do not put water on your trimmers or clippers because they will rust.

There will also be a video that will cover more brand of trimmers.

Walh Detailer

Walh Detailer

Detailer Product Overview:

– Rotary motor trimmer

– Excellent for lining and artwork

– Equipped with t-blade

– Lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand

The Walh Detailer has been reviewed to be reliable, light in weight, quiet, sharp, precise, and easy to use.

The T-blade that is built with is useful for getting around corners of the head as well as putting in the line ups.

An 8-foot cord also comes with this trimmer.

Please make sure when you decide to buy, to buy the product new.

Never buy anything used especially when it comes to your professional tools.

Andis Slimline Pro

Andis Slimline Pro

Slimline Pro Overview:

– Polished and Sleek look

– Light weight

– Cord/ cordless

– Designed for greater flexibility

– Lithium ion battery delivers up to 2 hours of run time with a 2 hour, 15 minute charge time (powerful battery life)

–  Improved motor for increased speed, power and life

– Balanced, ergonomic trimmer for light-duty touch-ups and trimming around necklines

Overall, I have found that these trimmers are even greater when zero-gapped.

I want to warn those who would like to zero-gap there trimmers is that make sure you know who your clients are.

If you also cut childrens hair, I would not advise to zero-gap your trimmers because you can cut skin around the ear very easily.

Reviewers have said that the design of the Slimline Pro trimmer is great for gripping during the hair service.

Walh Beret

Walh Beret

Beret Product Overview:
– Lithium-ion cord/cordless trimmer with quick detach blade

– Up to 2 hours cordless trim per charge

– Lightweight, easy to use

– Ultra-quiet, perfect for children

I love the Walh Beret trimmers.  They are quiet and light weight.  The cut really well.

Some say that these may not cut as close at the Detailers or T-outliners, but they are still recommended to use.

Walh Beret trimmers work well when cutting childrens hair.

But I would still be gentle when cutting around the ear and neck when servicing children to be on the safe side.

Andis T Outliner

Andis T Outliner

Andis T-Outliner Product Overview:

– Magnetic motor trimmer-the professional model for all -around outlining, dry shaving and fading.

– Close-cutting, carbon-steel T-blade for detailing.

–  Powerful, high-speed motor runs cool and quiet.

–  Contoured contruction fits comfortably in your hand.

These trimmers can get hot pretty quick. But durable and reliable trimmers.

They are strong and sturdy and makes clean lines.

T-outliners provide a smooth and clean cut.

The blade can be adjusted as needed.


I hoped I helped you to narrow down some of the best trimmers to use in your workplace or for personal use.

All the blades of these trimmers are replaceable and some are adjustable to your liking.

If you do fades all day at your workplace, it is best to have more than one trimmer available for use because you do not want to over heat your tools or make the client feel uncomfortable.

The Walh Detailer, Andis Slimline Pro, Walh Beret, and Andis T-Outliner are the most popular in regard to quality and affordablity.

There are many brands out there that you may want to try later on and I recommend that you do so.

Like I mentioned before, knowing what is the best tool for you is about trial and error.  Even if you do your own research, you may not like the product you purchase.

For example if you get a defected product from an online purchase, it doesn’t necessarily mean the product itself is not a good product.  There are other several reasons why this may have occured.

Finding the best tools for you is about trying things out.

If you physically want to look at the product, go to a store like Cosmoprof or Sally Beauty Supply, or even your local beauty store where they can show you trimmers.

I recently went to Sally’s and they were able to open a few boxes of trimmers for me so I can hold it and see what it looks like in real-life.

Two videos will be posted below about the best trimmers to use in the professional setting.

Each video will cover a variety of trimmers.

The first video will cover cordless trimmers and the barber will speak of using pounds and not dollars.

Othewise, he gives a great overview of some of the trimmers I covered.

The second video has reviewed trimmers that was not covered in the first video.  It’s shorter video but I also thought that it may be helpful as well.

Please be sure to contact me with questions or comments below.

All Best,


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